Running My Keltec Sub 2000

9mm carbine Glock 17 Model ... Using Federal 115 gr Aluminum Casing

Running some drills at Homestead Training Center. Closing 2017 strong with some dynamic shooting drills. Take the journey with me.

Kicking It Up A Notch! Training With Provectus Group

At Provectus Group's Combat Pistol I Course….

Kicking it up a notch with some combat pistol training! As an instructor I will always be a student of the game. Having fun learning new techniques and expanding my knowledge so I can save lives if need be. Its not enough to own a firearm you have to invest in proper training! Given the current tragedies that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada and Sutherland Springs,Texas I hope you see my point. Please follow me on my journey to becoming an effective shooter. Coming up next my personal review of my experience with Provectus Group. Stay tuned! Be hard to kill and never die!

Hurricane Irma Prep Update

Last day to safely prep for Irma but making progress. Helping family, friends, and neighbors finish up

Novoarms Defensive Pistol Course

The EDC Guy attending Novoarms Defensive Pistol Course! Great footage of drills and techniques. Enjoy!

A day at the range

Just a quick look at what I do at the range. Me getting some awesome footage and having a great time. 

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