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Why choose The EDC Guy Academy?
We understand training is an investment and not an expense. Most businesses these days are only interested in making a quick dollar off of you. Yes. Those cheap Groupons! They normally have very large classes which means you won't get to learn much, or get the proper range time you need. To be honest those student end up coming to me to learn the basics, consultation purposes, and actual firearm training. In this industry you get what you pay for. The EDC Guy Academy believes firearm training is an investment. I will help you learn everything you need to know.
Our relationship just doesn't end after class. Once a student always a student, you will always have a support system.  This means, even if you have to defend yourself or protect your family.
The EDC Guy Academy is a partner with the top concealed carry association in America, the USCCA. Through our partnership, this will ensure you get the best training and if need be, the  BEST legal aid in America. Their membership offers so much, while remaining super cost effective. If you have the unfortunate choice to defend yourself, you definitely want the USCCA in your corner. 

How much will it cost me in total to get my Concealed Carry License?

The EDC Guy Academy service fee is $117 and FL Department of Agriculture fee of $97 are separate fees that are paid separately. In general the total for the whole process would cost you approximately $214.00. Please keep in mind fees are subjected to change.


If you are just taking the Shooting Lessons $85. please keep in mind fees are subjected to change

Where do you have Concealed Carry classes? 

Preferably at Pembroke Gun Range in Hallandale due to adequate time we are allotted. I don't like my classes to feel rushed. I believe in quality and your satisfaction matters to me.

After I take the Concealed Carry Course what's next?

The goal is to make this whole process as smooth as possible for you. After you have taken the Firearm Safety Course and have received your 'Certificate of Completion' schedule an appointment with the FL Department of Agriculture.


For other options and ways to apply  CLICK HERE

What will I need to bring to my appointment with the FL Department of Agriculture?

When you make it to your appointment, bring your FL Driver's License, Firearm Safety Course 'Certificate of Completion' [a copy], and the FL Department of Agriculture service fee of  $97  [credit/debit or money order]...


*If you were born outside the U.S and are now a U.S Citizen, you will also have to bring proof of citizenship. A copy of your U.S Passport or a copy of your Certificate of Citizenship [Form N-560 or N-561] will due just fine.

You will complete your application, take your photo, and have your finger prints taken with the FL Department of Agriculture at your day of appointment.

I need to renew my concealed carry license. How do I do that? 

You have 180 days from expiration date to renew your Conceal Carry License if you do not renew within 180 days, you will have to retake a  Firearm Safety Course.

If you need to renew your license, you can walk in to renew, do it online, or mail in. If you walk in you have to use check or money order of $45 dollars as of July 1, 2017. If your license is expired you will have to pay an additional $15 fee which would make your total $60. For licenses that expired before July 1, 2017 you are subjected to the 2016 fees, so your check or money order will be $65.  CLICK HERE to find your region

Where can I carry my concealed firearm?

This is a great question. The thing is, It's not so much where can you carry your firearm, but where can't you carry your firearm. Go to my "LINKS" page. 2016 Florida Laws pertaining to what places you can't legally carry... click button and scroll down to (12)(a). CLICK HERE

... Also If you are planning to travel Heres a link for states who recognizes Florida's Conceal Carry License its called the Concealed Weapon License Reciprocity CLICK HERE

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