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With all the chaos happening in our society simultaneously, where do we go from here? I can tell you many people are afraid. This fear is very understandable because we are entering into uncharted territories as a country. There isn't one solid answer I could give you to solve all your problems in one swing. I can tell you what has helped me and maybe it can help you too. To curve this fear you should consider creating a plan. This will at least give you a general direction and calm the anxiety you may have had during these last 5 to 7 months.

I can remember sitting down during the world wide mandatory quarantine trying to figure out what was really happening. It seemed my universe was diminished to a tiny snow globe. I found myself slipping into an unhealthy sadness. Mind you, I had just lost my father, about eight months earlier I lost my mother. Yep, a double whammy! At this moment, I knew it was time to be rational, take a deep breath and start thinking.

First, I took time to think about all the resources at my finger tips. These resources ranged from financial capital, business opportunities, equipment, and tools. I had to lay it all out on the table so I could get a great real visual representation of what I was working with. I had to ask myself the question, was thing really as bleak for me as it appear to be in my mind. Once I laid everything out and had a clearer picture. I discovered things weren't as bad as they appeared personally. I quickly started to formulate an action plan.

Second, I had to think about potential job loss, home security, and personal safety. I had to repeat that infamous phase I would alway repeat to myself every so often when society was "normal". "If I only had more time I could ..." Well Ron, you have all the time in the world now, so what are you going to do with it.

As a small business owner, I can tell you there are always things to do and many things to improve on daily. So, I took the opportunity revamp and improve my business structure. I took the time to catch up on blog entries I needed to catch up on. Yes, like this one you are currently reading right now. lol.

I started offering free virtual consultations online, firearm safety, family safety, self-defense plans, firearm recommendations, children firearm safety, just to name a few (available here). This did a few things, it gave the community access to great information, it gave people a real person to talk too, it allowed me to assess my community's concerns not only locally but nation wide, and kept my speaking skill and ideas sharp.

I started reaching out and tapping into my network of friends and family in the industry locally and nationally. If I was going through some hard times during these difficult time, I know they were too. I made it a point to bring them together weekly for great conversions. It was an opportunity to get an assessment of what was going on across the nation. It also created a space for us to lean on each other and help us understand we were not alone in this and pool our resources and brilliant ideas together.

So as 2020 begins to slip farther away into the distant past and we begin entering into 2021, let's begin to create our plan. We should also be tapping into our network. Let us not forget to lay all our resources on the table to see what we are really working with. Are things really that bad? If they are it's ok to ask for help. If things look manageable, you are definitely in great shape.

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