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I know it's an aggressive title, but someone has to say it because it's the absolute truth. If you own a firearm and haven't had adequate training, i'm talking to you. Let me explain, last year 2020 was the year of resurgence for the second amendment in the black community. Again, there was nearly a 60% increase in new gun owners in the black community. It was a great moment. So what's the problem?

It is now 2021 and there are lots of untrained gun owners out there. Families are at risk of being destroyed due to carelessness and reckless behavior when in the presence of firearms; this risk exist across the whole country. To be honest, it was a very predictable situation. It still begs the question, if we are continuously seeing people getting hurt by firearms and we know firearms are dangerous tools, why do these easily avoidable accidents keep happening? It's very simple, the general public don't realize, you can't use common sense to own or operate a pistol, you must get adequate training. If you try to use common sense when handling a firearm, you or someone around you will get seriously hurt or even killed.

Here is a tragic example of common sense getting someone killed, and reading this story absolutely broke my heart. This Georgia woman may have to spend lots of time behind bars. Even worse, she accidentally killed her sister and has to live with this for the rest of her life. A double whammy, but it didn't have to be this way. According to this Local 10 news article "Police said the gun belonged to one of the other women inside the vehicle, but Holt was holding it and racked the firearm and saw a live round being ejected." So the question still remains, if she racked the slide and saw a live round being ejected, how was her sister shot and killed. The short story, the woman had a loaded magazine still inserted in the pistol when she racked the slide. The long story is, she lacked the adequate training required to handle a firearm and she had no clue of the firearm safety rules.

My whole point in bringing this to your attention is to crush the notion that it can't happen to you because you're a person with a wealth of common sense. It can, and eventually it will, if you don't get adequate training.

As an instructor, when most people approach me, they approach me with "experience" (replace the word experience with Ego). When we actually do hit the range it's a totally different story from the one delivered to me. That's ok, because it's coming from a place of common sense and blind ignorance. The common responses are usually, "I didn't know how much I didn't know." "People really need to take this class." "How come I don't see this kind of training on social media?"

This journey can be a great journey should you decide to invest in your training. My motto is, simple training for the everyday individual. I have a no ego policy when it comes to training. The training that you will be receiving comes from the heart. It is tailored to give you the essentials you will need to survive in an inherently dangerous society.

This was a very tough article for me to write because it was harsh and very aggressive, and i'm not that kind of a person. But when I see families constantly being destroyed due to ignorance and reckless behavior with firearms, it hits me hard. Let's make firearm safety trendy in our community. Help firearm safety in our community go viral.


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