I know it's an aggressive title, but someone has to say it because it's the absolute truth. If you own a firearm and haven't had adequate training, i'm talking to you. Let me explain, last year 2020 was the year of resurgence for the second amendment in the black community. Again, there was nearly a 60% increase in new gun owners in the black community. It was a great moment. So what's the problem?

It is now 2021 and there are lots of untrained gun owners out there. Families are at risk of being destroyed due to carelessness and reckless behavior when in the presence of firearms; this risk exist across the whole country. To be honest, it was a very predictable situation. It still begs the question, if we are continuously seeing people getting hurt by firearms and we know firearms are dangerous tools, why do these easily avoidable accidents keep happening? It's very simple, the general public don't realize, you can't use common sense to own or operate a pistol, you must get adequate training. If you try to use common sense when handling a firearm, you or someone around you will get seriously hurt or even killed.