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M-Tac Bag

Off body carry isn't something I do often, but there are times when you just have to. For times when you have to, whether its due to your daily activities at the moment or it's just your attire for the day, you will need a reliable carry bag. The M-Tac carry bag is what you are looking for.


I say this often, you don't have to compromise style for security. If you are a business professional or just heading out for the afternoon or evening, you need this bag. Its modern sleek design doesn't say "HEY I'M CARRYING TODAY" . You can move throughout your day with confidence undetected without sticking out like a sore thumb. In addition, the color blocks were very well thought out. Its modest minimalistic appearance and color style will definitely fit most of the selections in your closet.

A few of the colors and styles


This bag is a minimalistic style bag, so it is light weight and meant to carry the bare essentials. The one thing that stood out the most about the M-Tac carry bag were the smooth zippers. The zippers were very buttery. For the main compartment, It moved along the track with zero resistance and no hiccups. To be honest this is the one thing that matters the most when it comes to carry bags. Great working zippers will ensure you gain access to your firearm at a moments notice each and every time.

Moving on to the compartments, the compartments are plentiful for a bag of this size. There are compartments on the upper part of the bag strap and outer back panel. As seen in the previous pictures, zipper are located on the frontside of the bag as well. This makes it great for administrative duties or to hold business cards if you are at a networking event. It is a very versatile bag. For the executive protection field this bag is a dream come true. The task of holding passports or credentials are no match for this bag. Use your imagination, this bag could easily become your sidekick on your daily adventures.

Zipper compartments

The Wrap Up

The main compartment is capable of holding a midsize firearm. It also sports multiple built in mag holders for extra magazines. Definitely grab the pistol holder insert for each bag you purchase. For the price point, reliability, and features bags like this are a diamond in the rough. It's a no brainer. Do yourself a favor and upgrade your life with the M-Tac Carry Bag.

The main compartment

To get this bag click here


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