In a world where little children are getting hurt by unattended firearms, a little superhero is stepping up to the plate to save lives. See how Erica Safely helps her friends avoid some pretty dangerous situations. Everyone can learn from Erica's bravery and wisdom. Learn how to be safe and avoid dangerous situations like Erica.

As it stands right now, there are over 300 million firearms across our country. Also, hundreds of children get hurt each year by firearms. In our eyes, one child hurt is too many. Key contributor Kevin Jordan of Heavymetal Lifestyle and I (Ronald Sippio), set out on a quest to make a difference in our community by creating positive life changing content for children.

Erica's Big Day is the first step in our series to help children build a heathy respect for firearms in our community. It gives parents, guardians, and educators the keys to unlock and open a sensitive door to discuss the subject of firearms. The key words are STOP, DON'T TOUCH, RUN, TELL AN ADULT. Each phrase is geared towards keeping every child in the immediate vicinity of an unattended firearm safe and out of harms way.

Although social media regulations hasn't been kind to our cause and the black voice in the second amendment community which made the journey very tedious, it is absolutely gratifying to see the results of our determination.This is only the beginning for Erica's Big Day and team.




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