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There have been a major spike in black gun ownership across the country. According to National Sports Shooting Foundation black men and women contributed to the highest increase in gun sales with a whooping 58.2% increase in the first six months of 2020. It's no mystery why this dramatic increase has happened. With the rising racial tension and world pandemic, personal protection would be the number one priority on anyone's list.

This situation begs the question, is there enough information out there to meet the rising demand of new gun owner in America. In this blog entry, we'll hit on five quick tips to help you carry with ease. Just a small disclaimer, laws may vary from state to state so please check with your local state website or head over to the USCCA website the to learn more about concealed carry in your location. To Join the USCCA click here.


GET A GOOD BELT. A good belt is the foundation of your everyday carry system. Not all belts are created equally. Remember, your belt will have to be able to withstand large amounts of tension and weight while still having to keep everything together and in place. Companies like Wardrobe Architect and KORE Essentials are companies you should consider. Both of these companies have amazing styles to match your everyday lifestyle. These belts use ratcheting technology to keep all your concealed carry items like your firearm and holster locked in place, but they do it with style.


THE PROPER SIZE MATTER. So you went out and bought a new holster for your new firearm, you tried to fit it in your waist band but it won't fit! You realized, your waist band is too tight! This is a major problem new concealed carry holders will find themselves in. You must understand, from here on out you will have to build your wardrobe around your firearm. I'll explain, for simplistic purposes we will be talking about inside the waist band holsters or IWB holsters. With the thickness and rigidness of a quality IWB holster, you will need to increase your waist size by 2 inches. This means, if you are a size 34 inch waist in jeans you will have to move up to a size 36 inch waist to wear your holster and firearm comfortably. Keep in mind shirts may have to be one size larger as well, this will depend on your build.


BE DISCREET. When you conceal carry out in public for the first time, you may feel very awkward. You may feel like people are noticing you're carrying a firearm on you. Your feelings may be correct for many reasons. When we carry concealed, we will have to deal with the issues of printing. Printing is when you can see the silhouette of your firearm through your clothing. We should always do our best to limit printing. After all being discreet will give us an advantage if we need to stop a threat. After we have addressed the issues of how our clothing fit, we can now focus on printing. Ways to deal with printing in general is by understanding colors. Dark colors will aways help you conceal your firearm the best. With light colors, you will have to be more careful. If you wear light colors on a particular day and wear the correct type and size clothing, you will be fine. Aside from understanding colors, patterns are also great to wear when you are carrying concealed. Patterns are great at breaking up the outline of your firearm, it also distract the eyes from focusing in on one area of the body.


QUALITY! QUALITY! QUALITY! It's very important we have the right tools for the job. A quality holster is very important. Kydex holsters are the way to go. Kydex is a thermal-plastic, and it has a hardness of 90 on the Rockwell R scale. This mean it's very durable. Kydex holsters have great retention via tension screws. This feature is essential, if you have to move quick or jump over an obstacle to get to safety. With these tension screws, your firearm will be less prone to falling out. Nylon holsters on the other hand don't have these safety features built in. When looking for a holster, we recommend avoiding the use of nylon holsters when carrying concealed on your body, due to these major safety issues. Kydex is a very rigid material, this means it will hold up to the tension of your edc belt and won't effect your draw stroke. You will be able to be more consistent with your draw. Last but certainly not least, Kydex holsters tends to be safer than other types of holsters over time, due to its ability to withstand wear and tear because of its ruggedness. There are many holster companies out there but I like 77Solutions EDC.


ONE SIZE DOESN'T FIT ALL. Understand, one firearm and one holster may not fit every need in your lifestyle. Additional firearms and holsters may be necessary to cover all bases. If you lead an active lifestyle, like sports or going to the gym, definitely a lighter and smaller firearm may be better suited for you at those activities. In your professional life, you may be able to carry a midsized firearm due to your attire. So be aware and definitely consider an additional firearm to compliment your various activities in society. This way you're not getting frustrated that your firearm is causing you a great deal of inconvenience. This inconvenience will most certainly lead to you leaving your firearm at home and that's not what we want to do.

To conclude, I hope these quick tips and considerations will help you in your new journey to concealed carry life. Stay tuned for more great information. Please follow me on Instagram and YouTube for more up to date content.


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