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Did you know... It is important to change out your defensive ammunition every so often? Yes. There is a thing that happens with the top cartridge in your magazine called seating. Seating is what happens to the actual "bullet". Every time the top cartridge is slammed in the chamber by the slide, the bullet sinks deeper into the casing over time. In this post, we will discuss ways to avoid seating and maintain the reliability of our defensive ammunition.

Ok for you to understand, the "bullet" is the actual projectile that travels through the barrel after you pull the trigger. After that, the bullet exits the muzzle and hits the target. Take a look at the diagram below The Anatomy of a cartridge.


Every time you make your firearm safe, when you are at home or entering the range to shoot your range ammunition, you eject your defensive ammo that was loaded into the chamber. If you repeatedly put the same defensive cartridge that was ejected back into the chamber, overtime, the "bullet" sinks deeper and deeper into the case. Seating is definitely not something you'll realize by just looking at it because it happens in micro movements over time. Major seating of the "bullet" can definitely cause your defensive ammo to be unreliable.

Visual example of seating

As you can see via the picture above, a couple of cartridges are having seating issues. Some of the bullets have sunk down quite a bit. This is something we definitely want to avoid.

How do we avoid seating?

Here are a couple of things you can do to avoid malfunctions due to seating.

  • Rotate the top cartridge in your magazine every so often. Don't place all the stress on one cartridge, rotate them. Create a rotation schedule and share the love.

  • Start with a fresh batch at least every 6 months. This means you should be cycling out your old defensive ammo every 6 months to 1 year by going to the range and shooting it. This will also give you peace of mind your firearm is functioning correctly.

As individuals who carry concealed, we must regard ourselves as professionals. This means we must maintain our everyday carry equipment. Our lives and the lives of the people we protect on a daily basis are at stake. The last thing we need are hiccups. I really hope you enjoyed this entry. For more info like this definitely follow me on INSTAGRAM.



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