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Interacting With Law Enforcement During A Traffic Stop While Carrying Concealed

I wasn't sure how I was going to approach my latest blog entry given the current climate of our country on this sensitive subject matter. After some thought and talking with everyday citizens, colleagues, friends, and family the only way to approach this issue is from a professional stand point and an angle of mutual respect.

You must know, as a Professional Everyday Carrier you will one day find yourself interacting with Law Enforcement Officers in some capacity. We are all apart of the same community, their kids go to school with our kids. Their kids play on the same football, basketball, baseball, and track teams as our kids or the opposition. We shop at the same supermarkets and clothing stores. We attend the same gyms and they're our family members and friends.We are a community! Law Enforcement Officers should understand this as well. With that being said...

One of the most important things I learned when I took my Concealed Carry Course was, how to interact with Law Enforcement Officers during a routine traffic stop. I've seen a lot of videos on this issue on YouTube, some good, others not so good. The information that I'm sharing with you today, I share with each and everyone of my students. Not only do I share this information, I have and always will continue to abide by these rules when interacting with Law Enforcement Officers during a traffic stop. As Professional Everyday Carriers I implore you to do the same.

Here are the steps...

  1. Turn off your vehicle

  2. Roll Down and/or open all your windows in your vehicle.

  3. Turn on all your lights inside your vehicle (if you are pulled over at night).

  4. When the Officer ask for your Driver's License and vehicle registration give your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and concealed carry license to the police officer. this proactive approach will show the officers that you have nothing to hide

  5. Keep your hands on the steering wheel or where the officer can see them.

  6. Remember to be polite (example: hi officer, no problem officer, yes sir, yes ma’am, no sir, no ma’am)

  7. Follow his directions. He/she will appreciate your positive attitude and cooperation.

Note: If you do have your firearm on you, he may temporarily disarm you during the procedure, if it’s on your body. Or if it is somewhere in your vehicle in close proximity to you, he may ask you to step out and move to the back your vehicle to make sure you are not with in reach of your firearm. It’s just for his safety and yours. The officer will return your firearm to you or ask you to return to your vehicle after the procedure is complete

Note: In the State of Florida If you are driving and you have your conceal carry firearm with you but forgot your concealed carry license at home, don’t be nervous. It is legal to carry your firearm in your vehicle for lawful purposes and self defense.The law does require you however to store your firearm in a safe and secure manner (i.e in a holster). No need for the "3 step rule"


So let's talk about a few of the steps. For the most part, it seems like everyone has the first 3 steps down pat, which is great! It is steps #4-#7 where there is a lot of issues and misguidance. The first 3 steps helped you begin to establish with the officer that you are a law abiding citizen and a professional individual. How so, you might ask. Turning off your vehicle translates to I'm not going to bolt on you officer. Lights on and all windows down translates to, see officer nothing to hide this will be as routine as routine can be.

Now to #4. No sudden movements or reaching! Hands on the steering wheel where the officer can see them. Wait for the officer to speak. The officer will either ask you a question(s) or give an order/ command. When he asks for your Driver's License and Vehicle Registration provide that for him along with your Conceal Carry License. For the State of Florida it is not required to do so unless he gives that command, but believe me, your proactiveness will be appreciated by the officer and further show the officer you are cooperating with him and want to help the process move along quickly and problem free as possible. Continue to follow the officer's orders until the process is done. Throughout the process be polite. Remember treat people how you want be treated. The Officer is a professional but remember you are too. These steps are the body language of a law abiding citizen and a Professional EDCer.

I want to thank everyone who has read this entry and watched my Ride Along [002]

Vlog in its entirety and for keeping an open mind. If you have any thing you would like to add or if you live in an area where its done differently, talk about it in the comment section below. If you are a Law Enforcement Officer and would like to add little tips and comments that would help citizens and new Everyday Carriers out please do! The more info the better! I really hope this helps 🙂. I want to thank everyone for your support and input!


Let's continue on our journey to being professional Everyday Carriers. Hang in there for for more because we're going to have some more learning and fun. PLEASE CLICK THE EDCGUY 073 LINK TO WATCH, LIKE, AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

Channel about firearms, shooting, backpacks, pouches, ammo, knives, multi-tools, and some prepping ideas, just to name a few... welcome guys


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