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It was the goal of The EDC Guy Academy to create a firearm training course for the everyday individual, nothing too complicated but all the essentials. I definitely think the mission was accomplished! Even much so, by teaming up with T-MED Services to join their Preventing Preventable Death curriculum with The EDC Guy Academy's Entry Level Defensive Pistol Course to give you the Active Bystander Course. Why create a course like this? To answer that question, we need to start from the beginning!

Today, the firearm training industry is being saturated with instructors only interested with making a quick dollar off hard working individuals (if the shoe fit wear it). We've all seen those tantalizing Groupon prices for $45 where you can get your concealed carry license quick and fast. Folks, you really do yourself a disservice by going this route. You really get what you pay for in this industry. Courses like those, barely satisfy the state's MINIMUM requirement to get your CCL. What you really paid for is a Huge class, poor demonstrations, awful law information, lack of firearm safety information, a huge bucket of fear, and no ample time on the range! This will leave you thinking, now what and short 45 bucks. After said "Groupon" course, you will come to the realization that you don't even know how to properly load and unload a magazine, what eye dominance is, proper stance, understand trigger pull, the list goes on and on folks. Not even enough information to save your life, and i'm sure that's why you wanted to get your concealed carry license in the first place.

Now that i'm done ranting, let's talk about this AWESOME course the Active Bystander Course. The Active Bystander Course is a two part course, defensive pistol concepts and trauma aid course. Let's start with the Entry Level Defensive Pistol Course designed by The EDC Guy Academy. The Entry Level Defensive Pistol Course was designed specifically to be the bridge between the basic state requirements to get a concealed carry license over and into the world of everyday carry for self-defense. (You can purchase my Quick Guide to Everyday Carry for Self-Defense here to get a great introduction on the concept of everyday carry).

As stated before, the course you take to get your conceal carry license is a very basic course as it relates to firearm training. Nonetheless, it is the foundation and pillars into the world of firearms and safety and should never ever be skipped or gleaned over haphazardly. Most definitely find a great instructor who will take the time to comb through each section so you can gain the full understanding and confidence you need to enter the world of defensive pistol training. The main issue here is, most people stop there. Unfortunately, it's not enough, every must accept there are levels to pistol training.

With the Entry Level Defensive Pistol Course portion, you will get the opportunity to learn how to draw from the holster, acquire proper sight alignment, trigger pull, moving while shooting and so on. Yes, folk we will do lots of shooting! What about mindset? We have you covered! We will talk about and address things like freeze, fight, or flight, shot placement, physiology of the body and much more. The knowledge plus training will give you the edge and combat mindset to tackle anything that comes your way, Active shooter, home invasion, armed robbery, and etc. Like my buddy Big Mike always says, "Don't think you can, know you can".

Active Bystander Course May 18 at Homestead Training Center

Active Bystander Course May 18 at Homestead Training Center

The Preventing Preventable Death Module by T-MED Services! Where do I begin? We live in a world where senseless violence can happen at anytime. We have all seen those famous social media videos, you know the ones where you hear the on lookers yell "WORLD STAR!" as some gets their head cracked open and left bleeding on the floor. How about the subway stabbings as on lookers watch in shock, or those horrible vehicle accidents that leaves everyone speechless. Last but certainly not least, the sinister and extreme violence of an active shooter or terrorism that unfortunately happened to our country, like most recently the Parkland High School shooting or the Boston Bombing. These incidents and the path of carnage they left behind was something no one could forget or be prepared for until now.

T-Med Services Inc Preventing Preventable Death module will cover massive extremity hemorrhage, airway problems, respiratory issues, preventing hypothermia, detecting and preventing shock. Instructors will show you how to properly use all the components of a modern Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK), they will show you various tourniquets and explain why some are excellent and some can get you killed, they discuss which is the best hemostatic agent for civilian use (despite what the military uses), they compare and contrast various chest seals and pressure dressings and show you how to put together a kit to suit your needs.

There you have it folks, the complete break down of the Active Bystander Course by The EDC Guy Academy and T-Med Service Inc. This is the perfect course for individuals who have gotten their concealed carry license, a single family, church groups, private business owners, security staff, teachers, you name it! The Active Bystander course is a well rounded one. We went for GUSTO with this one folks! Get prepared and be ready to be able to bring accountability to those who want you, your love ones, and the innocent harm. Come join the pack! I really hope to see you there.

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