Into The Storm

As everyone anticipates the arrival of Hurricane Irma, I really wanted to take the time to look around me. I noticed some critical things to note, some good and some not so good. As it stands right now Hurricane Irma has started her war path as a Category 5 Hurricane obliterating the Caribbean. Millions of people left without power, homes demolished, no form of communication to the outside world, businesses destroyed, flash flooding, the list goes on and on as the situation develops!

As a native of South Florida, I lived through one of the most devastating hurricanes in the history of South Florida. The memories as a kid are still vivid, like it happened yesterday. The devastation was a weight that hit Floridian's to the core. This hurricane was known as Hurricane Andrew.

One of the things I learned as a child who live through Hurricane Andrew was, PREPARE FOR THE WORST! It was very surprising to see lots of people not taking Hurricane Irma seriously by not taking immediate action. With a storm of this magnitude, you can't afford to mess around. Plywood should already be mounted, water should already be stacked in your homes, gas cans should already be filled...this last minute hustle is a huge burden to the ones who have taken the storm seriously! Besides that, all the materials previously mentioned, I can make certain, your procrastination will leave you empty handed with the song Dust In The Wind playing in the background, hurt and staring at the empty shelves in the grocery store while tumble weeds roll on by. If you have not taken action, you must prepare to evacuate before it's too late. The aftermath will be the most difficult for you and your loved ones to live through.

Prepping for this hurricane has been a very trying time for me over the past few days, personally getting myself, loved ones, and als