Road to Becoming an Effective Shooter (Part 1) Setting the Goal

Im so excited to be writing this blog today because it's aligned with me being able to have accomplished my goals set for 2017. You know, goals you set toward the ending of the year, along with new year resolutions. Right! That one! Major right? It wasn't easy but the gratification was so sweet, just giving it my all and grinding it out for the win.

So, Road to Becoming an Effective Shooter, what does the 1st word mean? It means, it's going to be a long journey on a particular path. Thus far, I have only started the 1st phase of my journey. So, I have a long ways to go to becoming an effective shooter. Don't get me wrong, in my eyes i'm an ok shooter but I envision myself with a certain set of skills🤔 (in my Liam Neeson's voice from the movie Taken). If you catch my drift. LoL! My experiences thus far on my journey, I can tell you starting out is always going to be difficult for a few reasons. Reasons being, there are things you don't know and there are things you don't know you don't know. Let me explain.