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Road to Becoming an Effective Shooter (Part 1) Setting the Goal

Im so excited to be writing this blog today because it's aligned with me being able to have accomplished my goals set for 2017. You know, goals you set toward the ending of the year, along with new year resolutions. Right! That one! Major right? It wasn't easy but the gratification was so sweet, just giving it my all and grinding it out for the win.

So, Road to Becoming an Effective Shooter, what does the 1st word mean? It means, it's going to be a long journey on a particular path. Thus far, I have only started the 1st phase of my journey. So, I have a long ways to go to becoming an effective shooter. Don't get me wrong, in my eyes i'm an ok shooter but I envision myself with a certain set of skills🤔 (in my Liam Neeson's voice from the movie Taken). If you catch my drift. LoL! My experiences thus far on my journey, I can tell you starting out is always going to be difficult for a few reasons. Reasons being, there are things you don't know and there are things you don't know you don't know. Let me explain.

I've have the pleasure of training with Ken Scott of Provectus Group! Which was a MAJOR goal of mine set at the beginning of 2017! Weeks leading up to the course so many unfortunate things happened. Boulders in my road, if you will. First, my vehicle was on the brink of catastrophic failure with a busted A/C compressor, a busted radiator, broken window motor, and the list goes on and on. All these issues happening within a few days of each other. Days later, I had unfortunate news that a loved one passed away, our birthdays days coming up in a few days and being a few days apart having to attend her funeral. At this point i'm emotionally and financially drained 😩. Thinking to myself if I had known these series of events were going to happen before hand I probably would have pushed for next year to complete these goals. I had every reason to quit. Hence the brutal phrase, There are things you don't know you don't know, which most of the time is enough to knock you clean off the track and over the freakin' edge of a cliff.😫

So how was I able to get around these boulder in my road? I'll tell you! By understanding that nothing good in life comes easy and if you want something you're going to have go after it. Not only going after it at all cost, but grabbing it and sinking your talons into it never letting that sucker go. Trembling van and all I made it! Not just talk, but action. Not being afraid to fail. It felt great to win! I'm so glad I didn't quit.😃

I had such an amazing time meeting new people, forging new friendships, learning things I couldn't even imagine. I'm glad I didn't deny myself the win like i've done so many times in the past. But this is a new me with my wings spread like the Bald Eagle that flew over head while we were training.

It was a huge win for me. I proved to myself i'm willing to do and understand what it takes to accomplish my goals in life. So, as we start bringing 2017 to a close, start thinking about goals you want to accomplish before the year ends and for the beginning of 2018. Lets get after it! As ET the motivational speaker said, Winners win and losers lose. Winners will always find a way to win and Losers will alway find an excuse to lose. I know deep down inside you're a winner. Let's get it!


Here's a few great moments i'll always remember!


Let's continue on our journey to being professional Everyday Carriers. Stay tuned for the next video which will be on Road to Becoming a Great Shooter Part 2 "Tragedy". Hang in there for the rest of the series because we're going to have some more learning and fun. PLEASE CLICK THE EDCGUY 073 LINK TO WATCH, LIKE, AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

Channel about firearms, shooting, backpacks, pouches, ammo, knives, multi-tools, and some prepping ideas, just to name a few... welcome guys


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