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At the height of current events, our country is set for a collision course and the fabric of society seems to be crumbling at our feet. The death of George Floyd has impacted our country greatly and rightfully so. It was heartbreaking to watch this vile monster, nonchalantly and mercilessly kneel on George Floyd's neck as he suffocated and begged for air. Therefore, no mercy should be given, when that monster stands before our country for this horrible crime. It seems as if we are sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss. People want answers, people are feeling lost, people are feeling doomed, and people are angry, and people want justice.

It's no mystery, if you have been watching all your media sources, the noble protest that has been popping up all across the country has been taken over by a more sinister group of individuals. These individuals are burning businesses, looting, destroying property, assaulting innocent people and much more. We can only hope this doesn't spill over into our neighborhoods.

This begs the question, how do we survive this onslaught of angry rioters, racist seeking to kill, and tyranny? How do we keep ourselves and our family safe? The first thing is, changing our mindset. We must understand, we have to be proactive and not reactive in this situation. It's obvious, many have failed to prepare and stay ahead of the curve. It's still not too late to get prepared. Understand that having an action plan ahead of time is essential. Also, having the right tools for the job is key.


3 key things you can do to keep your family safe. FIREARM TRAINING EVACUATION PLAN EMERGENCY GO BAG

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I understand that some may be on the fence when it comes to gun ownership. I assure you, gun ownership is the only effective way to ensure your freedom and safety when the rules of law begins to crumble at your feet. We must get armed. Not only armed, but invest in training. That's right, training is an investment. You get what you pay for in the firearms training industry, so I encourage you to vet your trainers.

Find a good instructors in your location, check out the Black Firearm Instructors and Authorized Firearm Dealers (FFL) Directory

Do your research, check out your instructor's social media pages, websites, content, and ask questions. Let that be your guide. Also, understand that, there are levels to training. You won't become John Wick overnight, but learning the basics is a great start. Have an evacuation plan. If you should become overrun with protesters, or your neighborhoods begin burning, you are going to want to evacuate. Grab your family, firearm, and emergency go bags and leave. Your evacuation plan should take you miles outside the danger zone. To start, use Google Maps or Maps by Apple to plan alternate routes (A, B, and C). Also, plan various rally points and shelter in place spots. Be sure to print them out and place the pages in a folder. Each vehicle should have an evacuation folder arranged the same exact way. Last but not least, keep the folders in your vehicle. The last thing on your mind when uprooting your family will be those evacuation folders. There is a high percentage chance you will leave them behind if not placed in your car ahead of time. So you have to evacuate, but what do you take with you? That my friends is up to you. Everybody's situation and household is different. One thing is for sure, you must be able to move quickly. This means your emergency go bags must be packed and ready to go. Here are a list of common things you should pack in your emergency go bag. Clothes Toiletries Money (multiple bills, large and small) Flashlights w/ extra batteries

Extra magazines for firearms (Loaded) Prescription medicine Identification

Copies of legal documents i.e. Birth Certificates First aid kit/trauma kits Food/snacks Cell phone charger/extra memory card

Sleeping bags

Blankets Anything you deem essential, you want to pack that in your emergency go bag. This task is something that takes true planning but you can do it. I hope you have found some viable solutions in reading this article. As always, REMEMBER BE HARD TO KILL AND



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