Road To Becoming an Effective Shooter Part 3 (The Course)

As you know we were just hit with another tragedy on Feb. 14, 2018. This one hits close to home because it happened in my own backyard. 😩 My heart is filled with sorrow for the victims and their families. I hope they find peace, comfort, and daily strength to make it through this horrible time.

As a supporter of the 2nd Amendment and a father I want to make it perfectly clear that only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, as seen in Sutherland, Texas. We need to understand as a society that laws don't stop anyone from doing anything. If someone with no morals feel that the can get away with violating a few laws, they will. Place a law enforcement officer into the equation, you will get a totally different result. People tend to act sober and have the highest morale when law enforcement officers are around or avoid the areas that are riddled with law enforcement altogether.

Dealing with these mass shootings at this point, in my opinion, will need the presence of law enforcement adequately armed to staff "gun free" zones and armed citizens, adequately trained to stop the threat. The Run, Hide, and Fight training is not where its at when it comes to an active shooter and being safe. It just doesn't work.