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Road To Becoming an Effective Shooter Part 3 (The Course)

As you know we were just hit with another tragedy on Feb. 14, 2018. This one hits close to home because it happened in my own backyard. 😩 My heart is filled with sorrow for the victims and their families. I hope they find peace, comfort, and daily strength to make it through this horrible time.

As a supporter of the 2nd Amendment and a father I want to make it perfectly clear that only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, as seen in Sutherland, Texas. We need to understand as a society that laws don't stop anyone from doing anything. If someone with no morals feel that the can get away with violating a few laws, they will. Place a law enforcement officer into the equation, you will get a totally different result. People tend to act sober and have the highest morale when law enforcement officers are around or avoid the areas that are riddled with law enforcement altogether.

Dealing with these mass shootings at this point, in my opinion, will need the presence of law enforcement adequately armed to staff "gun free" zones and armed citizens, adequately trained to stop the threat. The Run, Hide, and Fight training is not where its at when it comes to an active shooter and being safe. It just doesn't work.

1st let's start with "gun free" zones. Our K-12 schools, universities, and colleges are gun free zones across our nation. Laws that are enforce by the state, are followed by law abiding citizens daily, and willfully disarms the law abiding citizen which leaves them TOTALLY defenseless to deal with threats lurking in the vicinity. To not put measures in place for our schools security is like putting nice juicy steaks all around you and leaving your door wide open while lions are walking around! What sense does that make?

All of our federal buildings with our nation's top secrets and our nation as a whole, has layers of security! If we truly believe that our children are precious cargo, where are the layers of security to protect them. If they are just as valuable or more value than our countries top secrets, we need to start acting like they are. Start putting measures in place to protect our schools and stop leaving our kids vulnerable in these unsafe gun free zones. We need law enforcement at every elementary, middle, high school, universities, and colleges across the country, federal or local law enforcement.

Now let's talk about the armed citizen. This next layer is just as important as law enforcement because law enforcement can't be everywhere at once. Good citizens help push society forward in a positive direction daily. They have even been there to protect the protectors and save law enforcement officers from deadly attacks more than a few times. It's just sad that there are some individuals in our society who believe law abiding citizens should not own a gun.

These individuals put out material like this video you are about to watch. A little side note, I hunted this video down! If you head over to youtube you will noticed it was published 8 years ago. I had to do a lot of digging. So let's watch it shall we!


Proof that Concealed Carry permit holders live in a dream world, Part One ABC NEWS


As you can see, this video is an excerpt from an ABC NEWS special. The video is very misleading and very discouraging to potential gun owners across the country. One thing we should not except is being a victim. Make no Mistake about it, every student that played the role of an armed citizen in that video was improperly trained to deal with the active shooter threat, and thats why they failed. I can tell you, it takes more than physical ability to stop a life threatening event from happening, it takes the proper mindset as well. If you seek proper training, you can learn how to be prepared to stop the threat. You have every right to defend yourself and not be a victim.

So let's talk about some the characteristics you should look for in a course to equip you with the skills to stop a deadly threat.

  1. Mindset Training

  2. Dynamic shooting / Combat Shooting Principles

  3. Physiological Impact on shooting someone(threat)

  4. Psychological effect of before and after shooting someone (victim and threat)

  5. Interacting with law enforcement during the investigation

  6. EDC(everyday carry) equipment consulting

This folk, would be adequate training (but not limited to) to equip you with the necessary skills needed to stop the threat. Senseless repetition, target practice with an airsoft gun, lack of direction and poor planing for your range days is not going to cut it. If you could pull one important thing from the video it should be, you must train often because it is a diminishable skill. Most importantly, you must invest in the proper training!

I want to make it perfectly clear that, before you embark on the next level type training (also know as Dynamic/Combat Firearm training) you must 1st have the basics down solid. You might be asking yourself, 🤔"What are the basics Mr. EDC Guy?". Firearm safety and the 7 fundamentals of shooting are the very foundations you need to make it to the next level. This will literally save you or someone else a trip to the hospital. You MUST develop "Trigger Discipline" and have complete 360 degrees "Muzzle Awareness". A good Instructor will insist you take his firearm safety course 1st or set a date to assess your skill level before you enter the next level type training stated in the numbered list above.


The EDC Guy Shooting Behind Cover

Provectus Group | 2016 Show Reel

John Lovell Civilian Response To Active Shooter

Kevin Dixie NOC Firearms Training "Shoot Small Learn Big"


Let's continue on our journey to being professional Everyday Carriers. Stay tuned for the next video which will be on Road to Becoming a Great Shooter Part 4 "The Equipment ". Hang in there for the rest of the series because we're going to have some more learning and fun. PLEASE CLICK THE EDCGUY 073 LINK TO WATCH, LIKE, AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

The EDC Guy Academy


March 6 and March 8 come and train with me Firearm Safety Course (concealed carry license course) click here for March 6th tickets and click here for March 8th tickets


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