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I have to say traveling isn't my thing, but for the ultimate firearm experience, you can believe I'll throw myself in the tornado literally! No lie, there was some wicked

weather happening, tornado weather in Missouri!!! After landing, it was imperative to get something to eat. After all, who could survive on a small bag of cookies and a tiny cup of ginger ale . The only solution was WHITE CASTLE!!! I'll tell you right now, I had enough white castle burgers to keep my cravings at bay for 20 years.


Obviously, after the White Castle slaughter fest, a quick nap was in order before attending the workshops Friday evening at the lodge. I have to say, our stay at the Festus Inn in De Soto, MO was an overall good experience. The staff was very polite and 2A community friendly. This was our 2nd choice because the lodge was completely booked.


After getting some much needed rest, we headed to the lodge. It was a stacked itinerary for the event. The first order of business was the workshops! Let me tell you it was great information being put down for the taking. The information given was devoted to the business side of the industry.

The lineup of speakers was a stout one. Headliners Kerry Sloane (stilettoandshotgun), Ken Scott (Provectus Group), Kevin Dixie (NOC), Tactical Sh*t dot com, Dustin Pluth dropped some great knowledge. We had the opportunity, after each presentation to ask questions and engage each speaker. It was an excellent opportunity to gather additional mission specific information. It was the perfect way to start the 1st day and evening of the event! It was about giving 2A influencers the tools we need to help enhance our brand and business. Also, explaining how to foster healthy collaborations and connections on an authentic and genuine level.

Dealing with social media while representing for the Second Amendment isn't easy. We need all the tools we can get, especially entering into 2020. We definitely didn’t leave the workshop empty handed. I have to say, THE SWAG BAGS WERE AMAZING! Packed with awesome patches, publications, gun cleaning supplies, Proper pistol case, hats, t-shirts and much more. It really set the tone for the event.


The team had been given specific instructions about the rally point the day prior, and the time to meet up, which was at eight o'clock a.m. sharp. I have to say, we were definitely the cool kids everyone wanted to hang out with that morning. The rally point was at the BP gas station. People were staring at our large group in awe! They definitely sensed something special was happening.

After everyone's arrival at the rally point it was time for us to make our way to the location for training. It was epic to say the least. I had the the opportunity to drive off road and really test drive this Ford F-150 rental. I was crossing Streams, driving up and down Ravines to get to training areas you could only reach via a truck or heavy duty SUV. It was an awesome experience. One I’m looking forward to having again.

At the start, We had the luxury of viewing an amazing presentation by 77Solutions EDC on holster care and insight on what makes his holsters one of the best brands on the market, followed by Kevin Reichard “TacDaddy” showing the Mobilize Rescue tool and app. Which is a very innovative tool to turn any bystander into and effective active bystander and help them start life saving procedures.


To begin we had our safety brief. After which, we immediately broke off into two groups, with each group having medically trained personnel, which did come in handy before the day ended. The instructors for the day were Kevin Dixie and Ken Scott. I had the opportunity to train with Ken Scott previously. If you have been following me for some time now, you’ll know it wasn’t my 1st time. I am a Provectus Group Alumni. It is always a pleasure training with Ken. It really help me reinforce what I have been working on for at least a year, also building on what I have learned in previous classes. Most definitely looking forward to an opportunity to train with KD the next time around.

Being no stranger to training out in the elements I definitely knew I needed to bring some mission specific gear.

  • SA Face shield

  • Under Armor long sleeve (cooling)

  • Hat

  • Multiple t-shirts

  • 2 pairs of extra socks

  • Extra pair of shoes

  • Mosquito repellent

  • Flashlight

  • Energy bar

  • Water

I’m not called The EDC Guy for nothing, so you know I had it on me! Let me tell you, It was super humid out there, barely any wind and moderately sunny. Very reminiscent of being back home in Miami, Fl. Kill Cliff who was a sponsor kept us hydrated throughout our day of training and event. We literally trained for eight hours, of course we had lunch the first half. Such and Such Farm was so gracious to roast a whole pig for the group also having alternative options available.

After the group was well fed, the second half of training started late evening. We had a great introduction to Vehicle tactics by Ken Scott fighting in and around vehicles with an engaging Q&A session to follow. To cap the night off, we had an excellent exhibition by KD, Ken Scott, Corrine Mosher, and Dustin Pluth of defensive vehicle tactics and effective communication also with and in depth Q&A session to follow.

Triumph Systems provided some of their amazing targets throughout the event. Definitely something I’m looking forward to incorporating into my training courses in 2020.


I get excited all over again just thinking about it. This was an opportunity for influencers to connect with popular brands and sponsors of the event. I was equally impressed with all the brands. Faxon Firearms had a great line up. I definitely had a chance to talk to Faxon’s owner Curt Staubach about Faxon’s history and got an opportunity shoot some hot items in their product line. The FX-19 HELLFIRE by far, was the highlight in their line up for me and amazing to shoot. It sported a Holosun optic on it, flat face trigger, aggressive textured grip, and more. Nothing short of amazing. Fun fact, it wasn’t even available on the market yet. I was able to shoot the FX-19 HELLFIRE 2 to 3 months before the release date.

Canik was also a great brand to finally shoot. I had heard so much about this amazing pistol. Quite frankly a brand that is on it’s way to competing with Glock. It was everything I thought it would be. You got the sense this was more than an ordinary pistol. The price point for this pistol and the package is phenomenal versus what’s on the market by top brands in the industry. There is no compromise with quality vs price when it comes to Canik.

Notable pistols that also made an appearance was the Provectus Elite.

A special thanks to Fiocchi Ammunition for making it possible to shoot all day without ammo shortages in sight.



One word! Masterpiece! A well thought out concept. When you open this package, the first thing you will notice is the amazing and impactful artwork etched into the foam. A definite conversation piece. Anyone who sees this artwork is definitely in for an impactful history lesson. One that is ready to peel back the tightening grip of gun control. Truthful historic accounts, like Black Wall Street, Harriett Tubman and the Underground Railroad, and now Rosewood are available.

The Truth Pistol uses the Heckler and Koch VP9 platform. It is an entirely custom pistol. Making it a force to be reckoned with if activated for the use of freedom. Custom deep serrations strategically placed on the slide. Additional modifications to the slide for better ascetics, tracking , and lessening the weight of the pistol. The slide is also ported for great recoil management. For the perfect aim, The Truth is sporting Trijicon HD sights, follow up with a Lobos industry trigger, and much more.

Holding this pistol was the ultimate highlight of the NOC Train and Learn event. Getting to shoot it was the icing on the cake. It shoots how it looks, amazing.

It’s been 7 months since the 1st annual NOC Train and Learn event and let me tell you the tools and opportunity gained thus far was immeasurable. I have grown so much personally. I have a better focus on my brand development. Also a powerful network of friends and potential business partners to create and develop new industries within the 2A with. If there wasn’t a 2nd NOC Train and Learn Event coming up in 2020, I’d say it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be apart of something great.



Special thanks to all the sponsors for helping to make this event possible




























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