Breaking Down The Gun

Welcome to part 2 of 4 of my Gun Maintenance Series. Let's get into it shall we... As Professional Everyday Carriers, it is our job to make sure we have properly functioning equipment. After all, our lives may depend on it one day. As you have seen in part 1, examples of what could happen when trying to use an unkempt firearm.

Starting out, it can be a little intimidating to take your firearm apart, but I assure you its not as difficult as you might think. In part 2, we will be taking a close look at breaking down (also known as disassemble or takedown) my EDC firearm, the Glock 19. Of course yours may vary. In the future, I will personally add more videos of different firearms like the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 9mm, The Ruger SR-22, and the Springfield XD.

When you take your firearm to the range a few times, the thought will eventually pop up into your mind that you will one day have to clean your firearm 😫.... but don't fear The EDC Guy is here.

There are different source you can use to help you accomplish the goal of breaking down your firearm.

  • The manufacturer's manual

  • Local gun store sales representatives

  • YouTube