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The Tools You Will Need To Clean Your Disassembled Gun

We left off at Breaking Down The Gun [part 2 of 4]. In particular the Glock 19. As stated in my previous blog entry, the Glock 19 is my primary EDC firearm. I did include some cool videos from popular YouTubers breaking down common firearms as well, links to their personal YouTube page.

So after we take our firearm apart to do basic maintenance, it will be important to have the proper tools on site to clean your disassembled firearm (frame, barrel, spring, and slide).

The tools we are going to discuss are bore brushes and patches as well as your solvents like the one included with the BT-101 kit being used in this gun maintenance series. So lets get started on the bore tools ... Pretty much you will find that most of your bore cleaning tools will look similar in concept and design, not all but most. some will use a cable system or a rod system. The one I have is a cable system. I actually bought this kit on 2 years ago. Online stores like,,, and will also fulfill all your gun needs, which would probably have a vast array tools and product for your firearm needs compared to

The name of the bore cleaning kit I have is called the Real Avid Gun Boss Universal Cable - 12 & 20 gauge, .17 - .45 caliber pull-through gun cleaning kit. 😅 I know it's a mouth full! Only $24.30 at the time now its $30.36. I felt this little pack would be very convenient, efficient, and durable to last at least a decade. This universal kit works for me because I own multiple firearms ranging in different calibers. I also wanted to plan for the future knowing I would expand my gun collection in years to come. Lets take a closer look.

It comes in this nice zipper weather proof sturdy case. Its also small enough to be conveniently transported in your range bag.

This little case is very organized with meshed pockets, elastic bands, and a hard plastic divider that holds multiple brushes among other gems😊

This little kit embodies the term universal in every sense of the word. with the multiple brushes, adaptors, resizable patches, and a resizable cable system included in it.

Here's every single thing that comes in this kit! 😮


If anything happened to this little guy, I would be inclined to purchase it again. A bore cleaning kit is useful because it is necessary to clean the inside of firearm's barrel, which is called the bore. The metallic brushes included with the kit deals with this necessity. After firing your gun multiple times i.e 500 rounds or more. Depending on the type of ammo you are using the bore may accumulate a noticeable amount of lead and carbon. It would be enough to mess with the ballistics of the bullet. To deal with the crud and carbon, you would spray some solvent (Included in the Breakthrough BT-101 kit😉) on one of the patches from your Avid universal kit pass it through the bore then pass the metallic brush through a few times breaking loose the grit and run clean patches through the bore until the patches come out clean. So as you can see, it's all starting to come together! Of course there are other products out there but this is a great start.

Here's a video of the Real Avid Gun Boss Universal Cable - 12 & 20 gauge, .17 - .45 caliber pull-through gun cleaning kit.


With these two items, you will be unstoppable in your quest to clean your firearms!


Let's continue on our journey to being professional Everyday Carriers. Stay tuned for the next video which will be on "Cleaning Your Firearm". Hang in there for the rest of the series because we're going to have some more learning and fun. PLEASE CLICK THE EDCGUY 073 LINK TO WATCH, LIKE, AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. (MY GOAL IS 100 SUBSCRIBERS LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN GUYS!)

Channel about firearms, shooting, backpacks, pouches, ammo, knives, multi-tools, and some prepping ideas, just to name a few... welcome guys


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