The Moment Of Truth!

Okay guys and gals! The anticipation ballon has popped! Yesterday was the moment of truth! I couldn't wait any longer! I finally got a chance to test the BT-101 kit by Breakthrough Clean Technologies. It took me about 3 months to reach to this point and the anticipation was crazy. I can truly say I could not wait to try this product! Having thoughts like, is this product really this damn good? Seriously? What's the hype all about?! Well, I will tell you what it's all about! I have to say I am very impressed with the BreakThrough cleaning system! It was the blissful experience everyone has been talking about. I am still excited a day after using this stuff!

First, the benefits of the long wait was, being able to get my Glock 19 super dirty, dirty as reasonably possible in preparation to use the BT-101 Cleaning Kit. Nothing too extreme, this is my favorite everyday carry you know! So lots of range time, NovoArms defensive pistol course, which meant exposure to the elements, dirt, and humidity! This moment also gave me a chance to experience the reliability of a Glock. My Glock 19 performed great during this stay from getting cleaned, a true testament to Glock Perfection.

Dirty magazine to be reinserted into the Glock 19

NovoArms Defensive Pistol Course

After breaking down the firearm and spraying the Breakthrough Clean Solvent on 3 of 4 main parts of the firearm. I noticed the light fine mist being release from the bottle reminiscent of that light mist of water being spray over the fresh produce in the grocery store. Ahhh Yes! It felt that refreshing! That's when the Breakthrough blissful experience begins! Just a short 1 min. wait to give the solvent a chan